Java and Gili beauties

14 days
  • Enjoy the beautiful panorama of rice paddies, hike to waterfalls, visit temples and Volcanoes
  • Relax on the white sands of Gili Meno and snorkel through the coral reefs around the island
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990 $ 940 $

The Unique of Java

14 days
  • Discover Java Culture, Nature, Rice terraces and secret beach
  • Explore Java island outside the tourist trail and beautiful landscape
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770 $ / Person

The Treasures of Java’s

9 days
  • Discover Jogyakarta : Volcano, Temples and Indonesian Culture
  • Snorkeling, diving at Beautiful island of Karimun Jawa
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635 $

The Great Java Railway Journey

14 days
  • Experience travel by train with Local people
  • Enjoy the beautiful nature of java island by train : Rice field, Volcanoes, temples, Local food,
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880 $

The Beauty of Indonesia

19 days
  • Feel Indonesia beautiful and unique nature, different cultures and friendliness of Indonesians
  • Discovering the highlights : Lake Toba, Toraja land, Borobudur temple and Ubud country side
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1500 $

Sumatra & Java Highlights

19 days
  • Stunning nature of Sumatra combined with the rich culture and sights of Java
  • Lake Toba, Orangutans , Traditional Village, Tea plantations, Temples, Volcanoes, Museum
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1940 $ / Person

Java’s Honeymoon

15 days
  • Start your everlasting Love Story with Romantic Destinations Honeymoon
  • Joys the untouched, powdery sands of the Karimun jawa Archipelago
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650 $ / Person

Java Train Tracker

14 days
  • Experience Java train travel across Java with all classes: Executive, Business and economy
  • Feel you become a real part of Indonesian life : History, Culture and Adventure
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750 $ / Person

Java, Bali & Lombok Adventure

20 days
  • Miles of empty beaches, steamy verdant rain forests, volcano studded valleys, culture rich cities and the ancient temples with the amazing scenery
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1050 $

Java’s Volcano Tour

14 days
  • Discover the varieties Valley and an active volcanoes all over Java’s island
  • Climb to the top to witness the sun rising over the volcanoes in the distance
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720 $ / Person

Java and Bali Overland

14 days
  • Experience the incredible contrasts and magical scenery of Java and Bali
  • Combining Java collection of earthly volcanoes and pre-historic jungles with Bali’s stunning beaches
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995 $ / Person

Java adventure

14 days
  • Fascinating trip that will take you deep into Javanese Culture and everyday life
  • Discover breathtaking Valley, Volcanoes, rice terraces, Traditional village, Ancient temples and Historic palaces
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890 $

Java, Bali and Flores Adventure

16 days
  • Overview of Indonesia’s highlights: breathtaking volcanoes,forest-clad mountains,terraced rice paddies, stunning coral reefs,discover the giant Komodo Dragon
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1650 $

Explore Java Island

18 days
  • Feel Java’s beautiful and unique nature, feel the friendliness of Indonesians. [li]Explore the exotic island of Java : Botanical garden, Green Canyon, Jungle, Borobudur temple, Mount Bromo
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620 $ / Person

Explore Java & Belitung island

12 days
  • Belitung is popular for its abstract granite boulders and brilliant white sand beaches, Snorkeling, kayaking
  • Discover the culture , landscape, life style of java people and ancient temples of Borobudur
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1125 $

Java Best Experience

11 days
  • Discover Java the beautiful landscape, Culture, Local activities, Mountain and tea plantation
  • Enjoy the spectacular sunrise from the famous Borobudur temple
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945 $750 $