Java’s Beauty propose you several possibilities of hostels, guest-house during your holidays, it depends of your budget.
During your trip you’ll stay in accommodation that reflects the character of your surroundings. You’ll experience a wide variety of styles and standards of accommodation, for example you might spend a night with a local village or in a deluxe cottage on a tropical island.

We use a pool of Indonesia accommodation in each destination, which means that if one hotel is full, we are able to offer another of equal standard. Once your booking is confirmed, we’ll send you a comprehensive list of the hotels you’ll be staying in.

In Style Accommodation

Location and comfort are the two most important factors when selecting suitable hotels for this accommodation category. Our choice of hotels in this category are priced slightly higher than our standard accommodation but it offers you something extra special.
Our In Style accommodation offers you either a unique view of your surroundings or a little something extra in terms of atmosphere or quality of facilities.

Standard Accommodation

A warm and inviting atmosphere, small-scale charm, cleanliness and a favourable location are our top priorities for this category and this includes most of the accommodation that we offer. A sense of privacy and some comfort are also important during travel, so we’ll book a private room with an en-suite bathroom for you as well. You can expect a mid-range guesthouse or hotel, usually air-conditioned. Sometimes you will even find a swimming pool on the premises.

Simple Accommodation

Our simple accommodation category offers you modest, yet reasonably comfortable accommodation options. You will still have your own room even though the accommodation is more simple than some of our other options.