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View Larger Map Bali’s geography and ecology is dominated by a towering range of volcanic peaks that dominate the island. They created its landforms, periodically regenerated its soils and helped to produce the dramatic downpours of tropical rain which recognize these geophysical facts of life and the island’s many volcanoes, lakes and springs are considered […]

View Larger Map The richest, most lush and most densely populated of Indonesia’s countless islands, Java has an extraordinary diverse landscape, from towering volcanoes to dense forest, manicured rice paddies and teeming cities. Java is the site of Indonesia’s capital, Jakarta, as well as the Central Javanese cultural capital city of Yogyakarta. Once the center […]

View Larger Map Once known as the Celebes (Portuguese for ‘the celebrated ones’), Sulawesi was an important port of call in the legendary spice trade. Today it lures tourists with a promise of dramatic scenery, fascinating cultures, romance and adventure. Rugged, mist-covered mountains tower over emerald-green rice fields. Dense forests surround clear, still highland lakes. […]

View Larger Map An ancient name for Sumatra was Swarna Dwipa (Sanskrit for Isle of Gold), apparently based on the fact that mines in the Sumatran highlands were exporting gold from fairly early times. The fascinating history of Sumatra is indeed rich. With its location in the India-China sea trade route, several trading kingdoms flourished, […]


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